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"white object explore" video

What happens when patience runs out and one is forced to take action? This is question I investigate and challenge in “ White object explored”.

On a backdrop of a soft white lace, which is an original piece of tablecloth. The cloth is filled with patterns of early memory of the artist as a young girl in the midst of heavy bicultural baggage. Eager to move forward, no matter what appears on her way, the video shows her performing in a serene environment. The artist calmly observes the object, which is recognizable and yet not, darting back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in front of her. The object is unaware of the fate that awaits it.

The video explores the interaction and space between an object and an artist. What happens when the artist decides to take a stance and be courageous to attack what is in front of her.

Kagaz ke phool

KAGAZ KE PHOOL (SOMETHING THERE IS AND ISNT) 01:03 MIN LOOP. White hidden figure performs a silent story with objects in a yellow string. The bond between the hidden figure and the objects is displayed in a performance. The performance is an act between two objects, the artist hidden in a white shirt holding a colorful object in a string. The colorful object is recognizable and yet not, once they were filled with air bounced here and there in a light full manner, today they are slaughtered, punctured, heavy and tied to a string, just dangling. Only coming to live when interacting with the puppeteer in the white shirt performing a silent poetic story showing the bond between them.

Ask not me Ask the Rupees

Ask not me ask the Rupees” performance to an iconic Bollywood song from before Pakistan and India was divided,

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