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Das Klohäuschen #80 09/09-24/09-2016 Munich - Germany

Das Klohäuschen site specific installation by Evalajka Pervin.


Das Klohäuschen site specific installation by Evalajka Pervin.

Breathe in and breathe out
For Evalajka Pervin, our guest from Copenhagen, KloHäuschen is an interesting space to work on a site-specific project and unfold a video installation creating a room within the room. The site itself invites her to play along with perception and interpretation, that’s exactly what she intends to turn perception upside down when exploring the space. With Breathe in and Breathe out she explores the fields of claustrophobic small intimidating spaces.
She says about her installation: "Passing by KloHäuschen during daylight you will be able to see through a glass panel at the door, what one might expect is to see a structure providing a public space for urinal instead you will se a room covered with layers of bubble plastic inviting your senses to a voyage into a tight space with a video projection. If you listen carefully you will be able to hear a hypnotic struggling breathing filling out the space. As night falls the light streaming out from the panel and the small window on the side of the building will lure people to peep inside as voyeur almost feeling trespassing a hidden intimate sphere."
Evalajka Pervin (*1973) is based in Copenhagen working as a multimedia artist with focus on video art. The performative nature and playful approach is a vital key of Evalajka’s work.

Der Aufenthalt von Evalajka Pervin in München wird unterstützt durch das Kulturreferat der LH München.
Supported by Munich cultural department.


PEAK END by MIA screen at Comfort Station in Chicago 3/09-2014 and at The ARMORY 13/09-2014 Pasadena, Californien.

Peak-End, is an international selection of recent short film and video projects organized around a theme of memory. Each piece finds a different path to exploring the ways in which memories are formed and recounted. Memorais (2012) by Ana Rodríguez León [Spain], is an evocative film set at the moment before the end of the world. A woman remembers her relationship with a man as the boundary between reality and what might have been begins to collapse. In CCCP (2012) by Marija Linciute [France], family photographs interweave with historical footage in this remembrance of the fall of the USSR seen through the eyes of a young Lithuanian girl. An intensely intimate piece, Hardcore (2013) by Leah Lovett [United Kingdom], focuses the camera on men’s mouths as they reenact a series of noises, heavy breathing and a few curt phrases. The unsettling sounds evoke sex and violence but are actually the men remembering the sounds they heard their partners make while giving birth. Hour Between Dog and Wolf (2013) by Abinadi Meza [Texas], begins with a journey by train, an ambiguous digital woman’s voice describes your experience to you. Composed of found mid-century footage, the viewer is at once a participant and a voyeur—she tells you, “It is amazing, and almost grotesque how things demand to repeat.” An evocative document of diaspora and acculturation, my childhood katekismus (2012) by Evalajka Pervin [Denmark], who performs the first verse of the Koran as recalled from her childhood in Pakistan. In 106 River Road (2011) by Josh Weissbach [Wisconsin], footage of a home slowly disintegrates into abstraction as a court protection order read in a deadpan voice over the image slowly unveils the violent history of that address. Snowstorm (2012) by Julia Weissenberg [Germany], is an allegorical piece depicting a memory athlete who specializes in binary numbers.

The MIA [Moving Image Art] program of screenings and exhibitions was founded by video artist Alanna Simone in Pasadena, CA in 2012. MIA is pleased to present Peak-End, the first program in Chicago on 3 September 2014 at Comfort Station in Logan Square and on 13 September at the Armory in Pasadena, CA. In both cities the show starts at 8pm and entrance is free. For more information, please visit image credit: Josh Weissbach, a still from 106 River Road (2011)



Participating with the video " Bahar mein Jao ( go to spring ) "

Reception wtih video stills curated by Peet Thomsen 8th may.

video still 1/10 + 2 AP

video still 1/10 + 2 AP

Video still curated by Peet Thomsen at Copenhagen Coffee Lab.

Reception thursday 8th of May 2014

3.30 - 5.30 PM

Boldhusgade 6  - Kbh K - DK

Displayed throughout May and June 2014

"People will laugh" issue #3 25th November 2013

"Facade" video art festival 12-15 sept 2013 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


12-15 | 09 | 2013

"Out of Focus" Videoholica 6th 1-6 August 2013

"Diffusa" 11-31 july 2013

"Tales" solo show at Black Box Gallery

“Fortællinger” solo af Evalajka Pervin

Fernisering d 22/02-­‐2013 Kl 17-­‐20

Fredericiagade nr 14 kld Kbh K

Udstilling fra d 23/02-­‐22/03 2013

Ons –Fre kl 12-­‐17 Lør 13-­‐16

Solo show at Black Box Gallery with video, installation, performance, spoken word and mixed media.